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The embroidered clothing store is a developer of embroidery programs AND OFFERS MODERN EMBROIDERED CLOTHES FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!

Embroidered clothing is becoming very popular in the world, in Ukraine such clothing is called - embroidery But embroidered clothing has a more modern meaning. The best fashion designer and computer embroiderer do not make any effort to satisfy the demanding customer. Why Shop for Embroidered Clothes? The embroidered clothing store is not only a representative of the developer, but also a developer and designer of machine embroidery programs. Over the years, unsurpassed designs have been created that have become hits in the embroidered clothing segment. Assortment Embroidered clothing stores are replenished with new developments. Namely, sweatshirts, dresses for summer, blouses with embroidered ornaments. they are all in great demand. Colorful embroidered dresses and blouses, elegant men's embroidered shirts, embroidered children's dresses, elegant boys' shirts here is a small list of embroidered clothes that can be found on the website Embroidered clothing stores. Original designs in combination with an exquisite cut make products unique, and are presented practically in a single copy. Many years of experience indicate that many people like classic embroidered clothes. Men's embroidered clothes for work, leisure, holidays and helps a man to be special

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You can try on clothes in the brand store at mm. Kropyvnytskyi Market "European", the first pavilion by NPP "Radium" (real series), pavilion (№31)