How to determine the size?

To determine the size of a women's vyshyvanka, you need to measure the girth of the chest, waist and hips. These measurements are usually taken in the band where your body is widest. If the embroidered shirt should have a free cut, then you should choose a size that corresponds to your measurements, or 1-2 cm larger if you want a looser silhouette. If the embroidered shirt should be tight-fitting, then you should choose a size that exactly corresponds to your measurements.

Also, if you know your clothing size in regular stores, you can use the size charts that are usually provided in online stores or on the websites of embroidery manufacturers. Please note that the size grids may differ depending on the manufacturer, so before buying, it is worth checking the size tables for a specific model of embroidery.

You can also use the LOOKSIZE online fitting under the size on the product card.