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Wedding towels

Wedding towels

Wedding towels have to be bought by all, without exception, couples entering married life. A Ukrainian wedding cannot be Ukrainian if the newlyweds do not stand on the wedding towel. This moment is the most solemn and exciting and will be remembered for a lifetime.

The towel accompanies all stages of the sacrament of marriage. Even the matchmaking ceremony had the same name. For example, in Kyiv region, in ancient times, the ceremony was called "handing towels", and in Kirovohrad region and many other regions, matchmaking was called "taking (or giving) towels."

Embroidered towels at the "Shop of embroidered clothes": symbolic products in the assortment -

No event was so decorated with towels as a wedding. And today, each stage of the solemnization of marriage is accompanied by many towels. According to tradition, they should be prepared by the bride's family, but there are exceptions. Modernity corrects rituals, and wedding towels can be bought by the young man or any of his relatives. The variety of these products is amazing. The following are most often used:

on the icon, with the help of which children receive the blessing of their parents (the god);

under the wedding cake - it is used to welcome the newly formed couple after the wedding;

for tying the hands of newlyweds - a symbolic combination of a couple for life;

for the bride - girls did not enter the newly married man's house without a towel from time immemorial;

a towel for a wedding under the feet is a mandatory attribute of both ancient and modern rites, because young people stand on it during the ceremony.

Buying a wedding towel under your feet is a priority task for those who organize celebrations. Therefore, our store has a wide variety of samples. All of them are decorated with symbolic ornaments and are perceived as charms. Wedding towels under the feet are used not only during church weddings, they have already become traditional for the process of marriage registration at the RATS. When the newlyweds step on the towel at the same time, it becomes clear to everyone: they are ready to live in peace and harmony for the rest of their lives.

Ukrainian towel: symbolism and hidden meanings

A towel for a wedding under the feet is necessarily a single, indivisible fabric. A single canvas means the continuity of family happiness. When creating such products, craftsmen never use the mesh technique. There are no inserts between the patterns, because it has long been believed that the well-being of the family can be interrupted by one or another circumstances. Lace can be present only in the area of ​​short edges.

Union towels, which are used to tie the hands of a married couple, symbolically connect two destinies. Ukrainians have always believed that the ceremony of tying hands is a guarantee of a close union between two people. Such towels can be decorated with embroidered names of the newlyweds, wishes for a happy fate, geometric or plant ornaments.

A hospitable embroidered towel is placed on top of the festive loaf - it is the brightest. This work of embroidery art is created without any restrictions. But a pair of birds must be present - they symbolize eternal love. In addition to birds, such towels are embroidered with flowers and wishes for happiness.

Bozhniki (icon towels) traditionally have bright embroidery (mainly red ornaments). They are called blessed or parental. The embroidered towel on the icon is embroidered with floral or geometric ornaments. The symbolism of the god is the joy of love and happiness.

"Shop of embroidered clothes" offers beautiful, original embroidered wedding towels. But there are also traditional samples, if you want to endure the rite according to the recommendations of the ancestors. Contact the manager - consultations are absolutely free! We will help you organize a wedding that you can be proud to tell your grandchildren about. Visit the website Kramnytsia embroidered clothes/

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