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Our address: Kropyvnytskyi, "Europeyskyi" district, the first pavilion from the Radio side (item rows), pavilion (№31)
Kropyvnytskyi, "Europeyskyi" district, the first pavilion from the Radio side (item rows), pavilion (№31)
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Photo: 5 ideas of original ethnic gifts from

Photo: 5 ideas of original ethnic gifts from

"Embroidered Clothing Store" is an unusual online store specializing in Ukrainian-style goods. In particular, everything with the image of patterns and symbols of Ukrainian embroidery. New Year, Christmas, Easter, Saint Nicholas Day - there are many holidays in the year, when it is appropriate to give original presents in an ethnic style. And you will be surprised how diverse the ideas can be. Still wondering what to choose for godchildren, a loved one or a colleague? We have prepared a thematic selection for you.

Embroidered Shirt

Vyshyvanki are a classic and always successful gift for Defender of Ukraine Day, a birthday or even a wedding. After all, paired embroidered shirts for newlyweds will be a symbol of creating a new family. Vyshyvanka is appropriate to buy for the sacrament, if you are invited as a godfather or mother. An embroidered shirt will be a relevant gift for a schoolboy who entered the first grade. On the website "Shop of embroidered clothes" you can choose the most diverse models of embroidered clothes for men, women, and children. Don't want to limit yourself to the classic version of the shirt? Choose stylish embroidered sweatshirts!

Head ornaments

The tradition of decorating hair with flowers or other decorations has been preserved among Ukrainian women since ancient times. Today, it is again relevant to wear wreaths made of flowers on holidays. If you want a more neat and concise decor, you can choose a rim without ribbons as a gift. A great Ukrainian alternative is the chyltse: a wide patterned ribbon popular among the Hutsuls.

Toys in the Ukrainian style

Did you know that not only clothes can be embroidered? Choose modern embroidered toys in the form of funny animals: a bear, a piglet, a bunny or a dog. On Christmas or St. Nicholas Day, it is appropriate to present embroidered angels to children. Unlike plastic toys, these toys are made of fabric. They are environmentally friendly, safe for babies.

A practical gift

What could be more useful than a pair of socks? But is it possible to give this as a gift for the holidays? You can, if the socks look very original. In the "Shop of embroidered clothes" you can choose socks with patterns for women and men. A large selection of patterns, colors of socks, as well as seasonality. So you can put together a complete gift set for different tastes.

It's not nice to go to someone else's house empty-handed. Create an original festive set: a basket with products + an embroidered tablecloth or table runner. Every housewife will appreciate such a present. Thematic tracks with New Year's or Christmas scenes look especially good.

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