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Ethno style of Ukraine

Ethno style of Ukraine

Ukrainian ethnic style triumphantly marches through the world of fashion. Individual elements and images are used in the collections of world designers. In such a rapid development, the borders of the native and manifestations of national consciousness are lost. No matter what happens, you should clearly understand what ethnic style is in Ukraine, and what elements can relate to it.

The main feature of ethnic clothing is the relationship to the great and ancient culture, which is transmitted through embroidery. Ethnic style combines:

- cultural traditions that have been formed over several centuries;

- storylines of national consciousness and mentality;

- features of flora and fauna.

Ukrainian original style differs from world cultures in the absence of gold threads, sprinkling of diamonds, lush skirts and narrow shoes. Each embroidery characterizes the natural simplicity and spiritual openness of Ukrainians, and also reflects the strength and courage of the people. In a natural ethnic style, you won't find intricate shapes or unnatural clothes (pants for women, skirts for men, etc.). Patterns and decorations carry magical charisma and hidden meaning. With their help, mystical belonging to the Ukrainian national spirit is emphasized.

In ancient times, girls in Ukraine liked to decorate themselves, emphasizing naturalness and femininity.

- The most recognizable decoration was and remains a wreath of flowers. This element is still used today in the images of fashionistas.

- Necklace: coral; beads; beads, handmade or factory-made women's glass necklace.

- A hryvnia is an ornament worn around the neck in the form of a short hoop. It was made from different metals.

- A necklace is considered a spectacular variant of neck jewelry made of beads. This decoration is still used today.

- Dukach is the progenitor of Cossack medals. Initially, a coin with an iron bow was a women's decoration, and only later received the status of a medal during the time of the Cossacks.

It is known that earlier national clothes and patterns on them had a secret meaning. Nowadays, ancient floral, zoological and geometric ornaments are widely used and reproduced in factory embroidery.

Етно стиль Україна