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День вишиванки 2024 - четвер, 16 травня

День вишиванки 2024  - четвер, 16 травня

Embroidery Day 2024 - Thursday, May 16

What is Embroidery Day?

Embroidery Day is a national holiday in Ukraine, celebrated every year on May 16. It is a day when Ukrainians around the world wear their embroidered shirts to celebrate the beauty and significance of Ukrainian national culture. The embroidered shirt is a symbol of national unity and pride, and Embroidery Day is a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to this important tradition.

How is Embroidery Day celebrated?

During Embroidery Day, Ukrainians try to wear embroidered shirts whenever possible and actively participate in events organized in different cities. These can include festivals, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, and more. In addition, people share their photos in embroidered shirts on social media using hashtags #EmbroideryDay or #VyshyvankaDay.

The meaning of the embroidered shirt

The embroidered shirt is not only a uniquely beautiful garment, but also an art form that carries deep symbolism. Each pattern and color of the embroidery has its own meaning. They reflect national motifs, customs, history, and culture of the Ukrainian people. Each embroidered shirt is a unique piece that connects us to our past and at the same time is a symbol of the present.

The embroidered shirt in the modern world

In the modern world, the embroidered shirt has become not only a part of the national costume, but also a fashionable item of clothing. It is popular among young people and actively used by designers in their collections. Embroidered shirts can be seen on fashion runways around the world, and many Ukrainian brands actively promote the embroidered shirt as a symbol of Ukrainian style and national culture.

Final words

Embroidery Day is a special day when we celebrate our national culture, traditions, and unity. It is a great opportunity to wear our favorite embroidered shirt, show our pride for our country, and join the Ukrainian community around the world. May Embroidery Day remind us of our roots and bring joy to the Ukrainian people every year!

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