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Kropyvnytskyi, "Europeyskyi" district, the first pavilion from the Radio side (item rows), pavilion (№31)
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Men's white vyshyvanka

Men's white vyshyvanka

Men's white-on-white embroidery is no less popular than women's. What is the secret of the demand for such shirts? - First of all, such clothes are highly valued for their versatility. Light clothing is appropriate both at festive events and on ordinary days. And a white vyshyvanka with a traditional Ukrainian ornament is also a way to revive forgotten traditions, to emphasize one's national belonging.

Modern fashion trends actively promote patriotic clothing - the awakening of the nation in recent years could not but touch the hearts of fashion designers and designers. Clothing with a Ukrainian national flavor has become a must-have in the wardrobe of every Cossack. Regardless of age, representatives of the male gender proudly wear embroidered shirts and declare to the world about their knightly origin.

Men's embroidery: modern markers of patriotism and folk wisdom

Probably, there will be few people who are ready to claim that national clothing is "sharovarshchyna" and tasteless. A white embroidered shirt is never banal. Color always brings positivity, contributes to the cheerfulness of the owner of the shirt and his surroundings. If 10 years ago, Ukrainian clothing was valued only as a legacy of the past, today it is rapidly gaining ground in the field of fashion.

White or black-and-white embroidery is the element of clothing in which the spiritual mentality of Ukrainians is imprinted. Therefore, the ornaments here are appropriate: mostly geometric:





Cross lines, etc.

But, like the original women's embroidery, men's can be decorated with patterns based on plant motifs. Of course, flowers are not embroidered on white shirts for representatives of the stronger sex. However, each plant pattern has its sacred symbolism. Here are some examples:

Oak leaves are a symbol of male strength;

Hop cones - emphasize youth and the sincere joy of marriage;

Acorns are programmed for a long life.

If you are interested in talisman shirts for men, visit our online store: an embroidered shirt chosen from a wide range will become a favorite for several years in a row. After all, according to the beliefs of our ancestors, white is the color of God the Father. This means that your favorite shirt will protect its owner from people with unkind thoughts and destructive thoughts.

Men's embroidered white on white: styles and materials

 The "Shop of embroidered clothes" presents the best samples of traditional clothing for men. Among the types of embroidery, it is worth highlighting strict classic shirts, made according to all folk canons. This is an ideal option for celebrations. Please note that there are models made of white canvas and colored embroidery, but no less interesting are the colored shirts on which a white ornament is applied.

If you are looking for embroidered clothes for everyday use, you can buy products in the form of T-shirts or sweatshirts. They are very comfortable to wear, easy to wash and dry quickly.

Embroidered sweaters are no less interesting - excellent clothes for the cold season.

In the catalog are modern embroidered shirts for men of all age categories. We will gladly dress both young peasants and experienced Cossacks, trained by life.

The offer includes shirts made of natural fabrics:

Cotton and linen;

Home-made cloth;


Linen jeans are considered more modern. It has all the advantages of natural canvas, but looks quite original.

Where to buy an embroidered white shirt?

There are many sellers of national clothes in Ukraine. But we advise you to pay attention to the reputation of trading platforms - not everyone is ready to bear responsibility for the products sold. If you choose our online store, the embroidered shirt is guaranteed not to disappoint! Each model is characterized by high quality, wear resistance and unpretentious care. Call - if necessary, we will give advice and help with the choice!

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