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What embroidered dresses do modern women choose?

What embroidered dresses do modern women choose?

It is already difficult to imagine the wardrobe of a modern Ukrainian woman without a vyshyvanka. A woman's embroidered shirt or dress is probably in the closet of every third Ukrainian woman. Someone can have several of them, for different occasions in life. A beautiful and elegant dress for holiday outings, an embroidered T-shirt for walks in the park and gatherings with friends. Women working in offices buy mostly white or beige embroidered shirts. Schoolgirls and students prefer embroidered T-shirts and shirts with short sleeves, which look very organic with jeans and mini skirts. Experienced socialites have a penchant for silk, richly ornamented dresses. A variety of materials, patterns and styles allow you to choose a look to your liking without any particular problems.

With the growth of demand for embroidery, not only the choice of styles, but also the number of styles of embroidery itself is expanding. Modern manufacturers are making a lot of efforts to restore and popularize ancient embroidery methods. The online embroidery shop KRAM.KR.UA, of course, cannot remain aloof from such an interesting and important process, and that is why the store always has clothing models from new collections of women's embroidery from the leading factories of Ukraine.

So why are ancient methods of embroidery becoming fashionable? Just five or six years ago, when folk embroidered clothes were just beginning to gain popularity among the masses, markets and shops were filled with identical black and red embroidered shirts and dresses with very similar geometric ornaments. Women and girls then did not think much about how original such embroidery was, and the choice was very small. Over time, the picture began to change. Modern women's embroidered shirts in red and black colors are already enough for many. Girls and women are increasingly looking at clothes embroidered NOT with geometric, but with floral, more realistic ornaments.

Modern women's embroidery

In addition, modern Ukrainian men and women are increasingly interested in the history of their native country, including the history of folk costumes, and there is a desire for more ancient and traditional embroidery. As you know, each historical region of Ukraine was famous for its own style of embroidery. Embroidery was not just a way of decorating clothes, it was similar to a business card, it was used to determine not only the region, but also the profession and social status of a person. Now you can't even count how many methods of embroidery our ancestors knew. According to various sources, there are at least a hundred of them!